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 Kira Kira and Kira Kira Curtain Call Review

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Kira Kira and Kira Kira Curtain Call Review Empty
PostSubject: Kira Kira and Kira Kira Curtain Call Review   Kira Kira and Kira Kira Curtain Call Review Icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 6:54 pm

The following originally had pictures both safe and not-safe for work but when transferring over the pictures kinda disappeared. For those interested I'll post the actual blogspot link that I'm using to post these reviews with the pictures at a later time (one the new user restriction lets up).

Kira Kira and Kira Kira Curtain Call Review
By: Baccano

Game: Kira Kira
Manufacturer: Overdrive
Language: english subtitles
Censored/Mosaics: No
Genre: Slice of Life, School, Music

The Plot: The main character Shikanosuke Meajima an ex-tennis star is the main character in this rock'n roll based visual novel. Without warning his girl dumps him and he loses the drive to succeed in just about everything. Enter a heroine named Kirari who starts getting involved in his life whether he wants her to or not. Thus this heavily music oriented game gets a start when for the last school festival Shikanosuke, kirari, and the other members of the second literature club decide to have a band performance. The game attempts to give great respect and call forth great respect for independent musicians who struggle to make a name for themselves.

Within the tale of Kira Kira there are several stories as to be expected with a visual novel and each heroine has their own route which goes in completely different directions to the other characters. Some of the routes are pretty obvious while others may take you by surprise. The game may have three heroines but there can be no doubt that the main heroine is Kirari. I'm not going to spoil anything but her route is probably my favorite. The problem lies in the two sub-routes which despite the fantastical music aspect this game is situated around they drop completely for the other two routes. It is anti-climatic after such a long buildup of music related events. It seems as if two different people were writing the script for this game as the music aspect is dropped for 2/3 of the routes without a proper explanation. Now mind you the alternate routes are still way beyond average for a visual novel but considering the game is so long (over 50 hours easily) it should be.


Shikanosuke Meajima a.k.a. Shikako: The main male character in Kira Kira and a lazy unambitious protagonist. He is the all girls band bassist.

Kirari is the main heroine as the fact she has two routes obviously proves beyond the fact the game is name Kira Kira that she is the main character. She meets Shikano and finds out they work at the same place. Her family is poor so she has to work when able. She is energetic and often spontaneous. She is a very likable heroine and is the bands vocalist.

Sarina Kashiwara: Her route is cute but one must go in knowing she is a member of a wealthy family. She is not like most rich girl stereotypes found in anime and visual novels and is actually very polite and the complete opposite of a bitch. She plays guitar.

Chie Isurugi: An adorable character although a tad tsundere-like at times as she tries to be strong but is actually quite frail and weak but actually does not get bitchy. She is Shikano's childhood friend and is also the voice of reason among the band. She is the drummer.

Graphics: The art is more cute than beautiful. I will say that this style of artwork common of Overdrive does seem to portray more emotions than some other brands.

Music and Sound: The music is not punk rock like they say it is but all the music beginning, end, middle are all wonderful. Each character also has a different ending song. The jukebox extras after beating the game just go to show how well done they did on this game. The music was good, the live performances that were done in the game had a good feel to them and overall a good experience.

Ero: Considering this game focuses mainly on story with most of the main characters getting at most 2 h-scenes it surprisingly worked well in a few instances and not at all in others. The scenes were cute enough, the voice acting was superb, and the pictures were good but this is not a sex-romp so don't expect much H out of this game. Kirari does have the most h-scenes though out of all the characters.

Overall: This is a superb visual novel with a brilliant story and even better music. The game is well rounded in all categories (except maybe ero) and the characters are wonderful. The game is recommended to people who like drama, romance, slice of life, rock, j-pop, and cute art.
Game not recommended to: people who only want ero or are depressed easily.

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Game: Kira Kira
Manufacturer: Overdrive
Language: english subtitles
Censored/Mosaics: No
Genre: Slice of Life, School, Music

Kira Kira Curtain Call is a fan disk (pretty long fan disk) sequel of Kira Kira. The first half of the game deals with a new character and some familiar faces. The second half of the game attempts to get the entire cast of both games together but run into lots of complications in the process. A note on this game it is completely linear with no choices at all. You will get the same ending every time.

Plot/Story: This fan-disk takes place a number of years after the events of the original game and is a one route pony the entire trip. It tells its story in parts and the first part is arguably the worse of the two halves but is decent regardless.

The first part introduces a new character named Souta Honda who loves rock and his childhood friend Yui Hoshimoto. In an attempt to impress his love he forms a band in order to become "brighter than the sun". This arc falls rather flat in comparison to the drama of the original and this cast of characters is generally unappealing specifically because you grow to dislike the lead character. Oddly enough the creators completely ruined this story by not having Yuko (Shikano's sister) be the leading lady. Yui was kind of boring and not all that interesting whereas Yuko is one of the better characters and tolerable unlike the others. There is adult situations in this arc though so people who want ero will be happy (although they should probably check out a different game).

However there is a silver lining as this first part is actually not bad. it isn't as good as the original game but it is surely on part with some other games if not better. The story is in no way bad it's just most people have been spoiled by Kira Kira and won't find the fan-disk up to quality they expect...even if it is.

The second part of the game is the meat and potatoes of the fan-disk and the only real reason to play it. Sadly it does not last nearly as long as the first part but it is a direct sequel to the original. A band made by Murakami (Shikano's best male friend) formed a band and now after five years the members are beginning to drift apart from one another. This arc brings in the concept of humanity and how frail our relationships with one another may be and that when goals change both old and new return for one last hurrah.

The music/sound/graphics are the same and just as good as the original.

Overall: The ability to enjoy this game roughly depends on how much you like Souta. Souta is not a bad character but is not up to par with shikono. Still the game was quite well done but the price was a little too high to make the game worth it to anyone but die hard Kira Kira fans.

Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10
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Kira Kira and Kira Kira Curtain Call Review
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