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 Baccano Recommendations

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PostSubject: Baccano Recommendations    Baccano Recommendations  Icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2012 4:57 am

Hello everybody your Event Organizer Party Person here to give you a run down of shows that we watched in club that I highly recommend. I am not counting shows like Castle of Cagliostro, Shinesman, or Goldenboy (all highly recommended) simply because those are club traditions and not unique to just last semester. There are 5 shows from last semester that I recommend so bear with me:


I believe Lupin said it best when he said that this is one of the most underrated shows to be released stateside since its initial release in 2008. The show is unique in that it does not have any of the more recent trends of anime such as the moe boom but rather is filmed in a way that has not previously been seen in an anime previously. The show is filmed documentary style which as a History Major I found this to be awesome and has a more realistic art style representation. The show is not for everyone but has a unique story, unique presentation, and has an ending that leaves no feelings of disappointment which is uncommon in many anime these days. The discs are getting harder to find what with Bandai dropping out of the anime industry and if you ever see vol.2 of Flag I highly recommend picking it up because it is nearly impossible to find. A great anime with a great story and characters. One of the best shows we watched the 2011-2012 semester.

Denpa teki na Kanojo

This series is an obscure and relatively unheard of title that is only two forty minute episodes long but did not make me regret watching it at all. In fact by the end of the series I wish they could have released more. The anime is based on a book with the same name which has 3 volumes. The anime covers the first volume and the third volume while skipping the second. The anime is a quick mystery suspense anime with interesting characters and plots. It is a show most people have never heard of and likely would have simply missed because of the lack of people who know about it. It's a good show overall and highly recommend it.


It was a close contender whether I wished to recommend Bartender, Penguindrum, or GunxSword but Bartender won out. The premise of the series is both simple and unique. This is an anime for those who can actually drink or have drank before, or for people who are just interested in a realistic slice of life-ish show. The main character works at a bar and the anime essentially is about the people who step into the bar for various reasons. The Bartender mixes a drink for each person depending on what they are feeling at the present time. The show may not sound like much at first but the thing that actually makes the show work is the characters. They feel real and you can't help but like or feel for them. An anime of this type rarely comes around and when they do they generally get mixed reviews and forgotten quickly. The show was made back in 2006 and has never been licensed so the only way to watch it is via sub. An interesting aspect of the show however is the ending in which it actually shows the viewer the means to make a drink mentioned in the club and gives a bit of history about it. The show is not for everyone and a number of people likely will find it boring. If you can at least try and give it a chance the first 2 episodes will allow you to decide whether you like or dislike it. It really is a great under-appreciated show and worth watching if you can find the time or are willing to give it a try.
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Baccano Recommendations
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