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 New Spring Anime 2012 Impressions

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PostSubject: New Spring Anime 2012 Impressions   New Spring Anime 2012 Impressions Icon_minitimeTue Apr 17, 2012 2:06 am

I decided to revive something that we did in the old forum in which various members share the first impressions (1-3 episodes) of new anime released in Japan. I used to write quite a bit on these topics so here are my impressions for what I've watched so far for the new anime season...admittedly I'm looking forward to the summer and fall seasons more than this one but some surprisingly interesting if not good shows were released for Spring 2012 as well. I'm also going to put a * next to shows that I am likely to watch.

Haiyore! Nyarlko: The premise of this anime is that Nyarthrope from H.P. lovecraft has taken on the form of a young girl and her along with others from the Lovecraft world end up staying at the home of a poor unfortunate soul. The character I'm going to abbreviate as Nyar breaks the 4th wall within the first few minutes of the series, explains why it has taken the form of a young girl, makes references to saya no uta, cthulu, roleplaying games and then in one fell sweep destroy the cthulu mythos by saying that they are aliens. The alien is there working for the police force and trying to stop human traffickers, drug dealers, and smugglers of visual novels, doujins, manga and anime. It's stupid no doubt but I find it somewhat entertaining. Despite everything telling me to hate this anime I can't bring myself to dislike it. I will likely have to watch another 2 episodes before deciding whether to watch all of it but surprisingly despite all the cliches and random Lovecraft references it was entertaining. Not for everyone mind you but hell just look at this pic and try to deny the absurdity and the moe of this anime.
New Spring Anime 2012 Impressions Snapsh11

Status: Watching

Upotte: Every season an anime comes along that just makes you go wait what? This season there is more than one anime that does that. Upotte is an anime about a group of girls at a shooting academy. A new teacher arrives and the girls themselves are all surprisingly guns...yeah you heard right. They aren't girls with guns but actual guns and so many sexual innuendos abound within the confines of the first episode alone. It is without a doubt a fanservicey show simply based on the amount of censorship and is just weird. I'm not exactly sure what the point of the show is and not sure I want to know. I doubt the series will get any better and since this just isn't my type of show

Status: Dropped

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: A show with a rather cliche premise about a male student that can see the spirit of a girl who has died. The girl does not know why she died or have any real memories of her past life and the premise of the series is I think on finding out what happened. The story starts off with what one character sees and then switches perspectives to another character in the same incident. It seems likely that there may be some horror elements to it but it is hard to tell after just the first episode. The second episode deals with the real introduction to the show. I found it okay and I do kinda like it so far so I might watch it. It's an okay series but nothing really groundbreaking. I'll give it a 3rd episode before finalizing my decision.

Status: Watching 3 Episodes.

Kids on a Slope (a.k.a. Sakamichi no Appolon): An interesting show with an unknown direction on where it is heading. I'm a huge fan of jazz though so the idea of a "rich kid nerd" and a delinquent managing to form a friendship via music makes for an interesting premise. It obviously has more than what we see but I rather liked it. The references to great jazz musicians was awesome to boot and the music fit the episode well. I look forward to seeing what happens with it. I'll wait till at least one more episode before deciding to watch all of it all though the chances are high.

Status: Watching 3 Episodes *

Tsuritama: I have no idea how to describe the show. At first glance it seems relatively normal and then at second glance either everyone is crazy or whoever is watching it is. The show is bizarre. It's essentially an anime about people who seem to get together to fish and supposedly end up saving the world...oddly enough I don't think anyone has any idea what type of show this is but I'm likely going to give it a few episodes. It has intrigued me and when you see this in an anime it makes you wonder what the deal is:
New Spring Anime 2012 Impressions Snapsh12

Status: Watching 3 Episodes *

Space Brothers: An interesting little show about two brothers who had a dream and a promise as children and now struggle to fulfill it now that they are adults. The first episode was build up and there is something endearing about the show that will probably make me give it a few more episodes. After watching episodes 2 and 3 I like the set up and have decided to follow it.

Status: Watching

Sankarea: The main character of this show is one weird individual. The premise of this show is bizarre although an interesting twist on the zombie phenomenon. Admittedly this is based off a manga with the same name and personally I think the manga is better (anime changed a few things) but whatever. I dropped the manga awhile back and I'm not too sure whether I want to keep up with this one. First episode is just weird and the father of the main heroine is just creepy. I've watched the first and second episodes and will likely watch a third but if that doesn't change my mind then I'm dropping this show.

Status: Watching 3 Episodes

Accel World: So a fat kid is bullied and retreats to the virtual world gets some sort of power to accel his brain in the "real" world, gets attached to a random chick who seems to have a pig fetish in the virtual world and then enters a shounen- style fight before ending the episode. I realized that the first episode was not enough to properly judge the show so I watched the second episode...I'll be honest I don't really have an interest in this series. It has multiple cliches and overall I just found it boring. I might try giving it one more episode to try and convince me to watch it but I'm extremely skeptical. Just not my thing.

Status: Watching 3 Episodes

Acchi Kocchi: This is an anime similar to lucky star, A-channel, daily lives of high school boys, with one tiny difference it isn't situated around either male or females but both. It's a simple 4Koma anime but the characters are actually cute and likable for the most part, the relationships between the character also have a decent setup. It's a simple slice of life 4koma style anime but so far doesn't seem to be that bad. I watched the second episode and the relationship between tsumiki and Io is cute. I am not a fan of these types of anime regardless though so I'm not sure if I will watch it as it's not like I like it or anything.

Status: Watching 3 Episodes

Nazo no Kanojo X (Mysterious Girlfriend X): This anime is based off a manga of the same name and doesn't seem to go anywhere (manga wise). The anime might be different but not expecting much change. The voice actress for the main female character however is new talent and at certain scenes fits the character extremely well. The premise of the series is just bizarre (eating "saliva") main character, girlfriend that orgasms drool, and just a bunch of other weird as hell shit. It is a manga about sex...which that itself is odd. Not sure if many people will actually give this show a chance because of how odd it is but if they do they will likely be in for even more WTF? moments. I wasn't a huge fan of the manga and the anime is no different. Might give it another episode or two to change my mind but I don't think that is possible. After watching the second episode I'm just not interested in the series...especially because I know what direction it heads. If I find time i may pick it back up but for now I'm done with it.

Status: Dropping

Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Inu Onna: What can I say aside from it being done brilliantly, albeit differently from the past Lupin the 3rd films/tv series. This one seems to be more for a mature audience and focuses on the origins of the Lupin crew or at least how Fujiko met each of them as well as her past. Rather interesting to say the least. The opening and endings are both very artsy and remind me a bit of a classic james bond type of film. Regardless of the drastic difference in art design the series is still Lupin the 3rd. The first episode is a classic Lupin heist as he battles Fujiko for the first time and it succeeded in doing what a Lupin film was fun. The second episode continued in this manner and needless to say but it's a great two episodes thus far. Definitely going to be continuing this.

Status: Watching

Jormungand: This anime gives me serious Black Lagoon vibes and seems to be similar to it. A child soldier who hates guns ends up working for a arms dealer and her group to various ends. In all it was a very interesting first episode and despite it being licensed I'm probably going to try and follow it as it airs...from funimation;s website if the translator doesn't continue. It is interesting and has potential. I'll watch 3 episodes to make sure I feel like sticking with it...probability is high though.

Status: Watching 3 Episodes *

Medaka Box: An adaptation of the manga. I read about an arc of the manga before dropping it. It became much too shounen for me and just bored me after a time. The anime is decent I guess but I predict it will be easily forgettable once it is done and over. I watched two episodes and although the series is not bad per say it reminds me a bit of Sket-Dance with a random shounen-title added into it. It's not a bad show but I have too many other things on my plate (as well as shows from last season to watch) so I'm going to drop it. The action does not appear immediately but give it a few more episodes and it will. I'm not going to watch any more but that doesn't mean others might not enjoy it.

Status: Dropping

Sengoku Collection: Oda Nobunaga is female (along with most of the major people from the Warring States period) and somehow they all end up in present day, present time. mwahahaha. The first episode was decent but pretty sure the second episode and all episodes after will ruin it. The anime is based off a social networking thing in Japan although the curious thing about this series is the 26 episode count predicted for it. Usually these type of shows only last about 13 episodes and the fact it has 26 makes me think it might actually have plot. The second episode was about a female version of Ieyasu Tokugawa who becomes an idol...I shouldn't but I'm probably going to watch to episode 3 before making a decision to watch past that.

Status: Watching 3 Episodes

Ozuma: It's an anime that brings one back to the harlock saga style of animation. A lot of people have been bashing it simply because of poor translation and the fact that the animation is poor. Most of these people seem to not realize that it is supposed to be like that. It's to give it as much feel as the anime from then as possible. The anime itself seems to be a cross between Dune and Captain Harlock. The anime is only 6 episodes long and only has one more episode to go before concluding. The first episode was decent and unless it completely disagrees with me in the next episode then I will likely finish it.

Status: Watching when I find time.

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan: Fantasy Baking the anime. Honestly the show is about a guy and 3 women who own and run a bakery in a fantasy world with elves, and other fantasy things. It is based on a long running fantasy game franchise known as Shining Hearts and despite initial perceptions of the anime being boring as hell I can't help but hope that something more action or fantasy oriented will be occurring in the future. I'll keep an eye on the reviews for this show to see if actually bothers becoming more than fantasy baking but I won't watch anymore unless I find out it is more than that.

Status: Dropping

Eureka Seven AO: Surprisingly despite not having any idea what was going on I got a type of "epic" vibe from it. I actually have to go back and rewatch/finish Eureka Seven now so I can see if that helps me understand anything from this first episode. Will probably try and watch it if I don't need to know anything or if I finish the first series...then I might give it a few more episodes.

Status: Eventually watching 3 episodes

So there are my initial impressions on the shows for the season although there is one more show I wish to watch on the 22nd and see how it is (at which I will give an updated list of what I've decided to follow (and might review eventually). anyone else have initial impressions on the new season? I'm curious what people think of some of the shows (as well as where the tastes of people lie). feel free to post.
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PostSubject: Re: New Spring Anime 2012 Impressions   New Spring Anime 2012 Impressions Icon_minitimeTue Apr 17, 2012 3:08 am

I think I'll end up liking this season better than the last, but it is hard to say so early in the season. We'll have to watch and see.

I watched a season I guess you could call it of Haiyoru! Nyaruani which was just a flash series of Haiyore! Nyarlko. It was entertaining somewhat, what I found strange was the fully animated opening. I sort of had a hunch it would get its own full series and it is definitely a comedic worth watching show.

One of the main music centered animes this season, Sakamichi no Appolon, hasn't really grabbed my attention. I really love jazz and it is interesting to see an anime with that being a major point. I'll probably pick it up this season, but if not, it'll go on the plan to watch list.

For Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, it had an interesting atmosphere. It was described during the second episode that the school had all these additions built onto it which made it like a maze and left a lot the older parts of school unused. I certainly thought it would be more serious, but that doesn't seem to be the case from only the first couple episodes. It does at least have some mystery to it, it makes me interested in that regard. I'm already predicting the ending and I hope it doesn't turn out like that.

I haven't watched Space Brothers yet, but it is one of the only few non-high school oriented animes this season and it does look promising. I'll probably pick it up this season.
Edit: Watched first three episodes, the main character is lovable in his own way and the flashback sequences are charming. The show certainly has some comedic value, it is different but an enjoyable experience. Based on three episodes I'd recommend it.

I'm liking Sankarea so far, while the heroine's design might be sort of bland I enjoy the MC's design. It is also finally good to see a protagonist with a hobby and passion in a romantic comedy/drama. I'm interested to see how the heroine handles her strange parents and their reasons behind it.

Acchi Kocchi is pretty cute and just a light hearted romantic comedy/slice of life. Decent enough for this genre.

Nazo no Kanojo X is certainly the oddball this season with what the sharing of drool and all. Hard to say how I feel about this series. I liked the dream sequences, the personality of the heroine, and her voice actor. I'll definitely finish these series, but I'm not sure what I'd rate it at the moment.

Medaka Box, now this show has a low animation budget. The heroine, Medaka, reminds me a lot of Momoyo from Majikoi. She's all powerful and righteous and everyone looks up to her. The male protag is like a little brother to her but I'm sure they'll end up falling in love. I've also heard some not so good things about the later part of the series. Readers were saying how it turned into a battle series. This was probably due to low rankings and this was the only way to save it. I'll watch it, but I hope it can redeem itself.

I really liked Eureka Seven, even though I was a bit confused sometimes. Even watched the mediocre movie. So I'm absolutely watching Eureka Seven AO, probably because I feel obligated to, but it looks fine from what I saw during the first episode.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead is the sequel to Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
The protag is still a zombie and is still turning into a magical girl which leads to hilarity and embarrassment for our hero. I found it funny enough to keep watching. I still find it a shame it took this long for anyone to try a mahou shounen in a series. Only ten episodes, so I say why not.

Zetman reminds me a little of Deadman Wonderland. Super powered mutants fight for the amusement of the rich when it all goes wrong and they escape and cause havoc. Looks like there will be conspiracies, fighting, drama, friendship betrayal, and with a message about humanity maybe. Animation is different somewhat, might have some cool fights, I'll watch it to the end and give my final rating.
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New Spring Anime 2012 Impressions
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