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 Lupin Recommendation

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lupin the 3rd
lupin the 3rd

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PostSubject: Lupin Recommendation   Lupin Recommendation Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 11:34 pm

For this semester (spring 2012) there were a few shows that i recommend:

Wolfs Rain

Classic show from the Adult Swim era, truly a masterpiece and has one of the most unique endings in anime (make sure to skip the recap episodes)


I adore this show, one of the very few shows that made me cry when watching this. Make sure to watch After Story be warned it gets even sadder. It's also on Netflix so check it out.

Kinos Journey

A show about a girl on philosophical journey with a talking bike? Sure why not, truly a great little gem that not many people have heard go check it out.

Hone and Clover

Possibly one of the best written Josei manga/anime out there. What makes this show unique are the characters, you learn to like each character throughout the 2 seasons there are. It also has an appeal to both male and female.


I am far from being the biggest fan of ecchi shows out there, but I gotta say this show is a riot. It's both sad and hilarious, a really unique show from Gainix (Eva, Gurren Lagann, FLCL) check it out sometime.

Girls Bravo

Probably my favorite guilty pleasure show out there. Yes the plot is dumb and characters can get annoying at times, but I did enjoy the ending to this a lot. If you just want a silly show to kill for many hours check it out. Make sure to have some Bananas with you.

Captain Harlock

I love old school anime, nothing beats a great 70's anime then a show about space pirates. Captain Harlock is a iconic anime character that even fanboys still talk to this day about. There are soo many adaptations out there, but this is a great start for people who are interested. I also recommend the Galaxy Express 999 films as well.

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Lupin Recommendation
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