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 Lupin Recommendations

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lupin the 3rd
lupin the 3rd

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PostSubject: Lupin Recommendations    Lupin Recommendations  Icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 1:12 pm

Hello everybody your president Lupin here to give you a run down of shows that we watched in club that i highly recommend. Now I will give you guys a heads up that I am not counting Castle of Caglistro and Golden Boy here (but they are highly recommended by me), the shows I recommend are:


Seriously one of the most underrated shows when it came to the states when it was released by Bandai back in 2008. Despite the fact the show is not moe or totally action/fan service, the show takes a unique twist of how to show animation (treating it like a documentary war drama), this stuff will appeal to the mature person who likes their anime with more of a unique story and a really good ending. Highly recommend it, also if you want to pick the show up, you better hurry because these discs are getting harder to find.

Outlaw Star

Such a timeless classic, I watched this back in the days of Toonami. 90's anime ftw, good story, creative characters, hilarious, and an ending that leaves open for more.

Usagi Drop

One of the best anime to come out last year, a story about a man who takes care of his aunt (guy is in his 30's and the girl is 5), because his grand father had an affair with a younger women. Mature, sweet, and absolutely hilarious, go check it out.


What other anime had made you more interested in trying new alcoholic drinks? This show is about a Bartender working at a bar (durp) and every episode people come by with their personal problems and the Bartender mixes them a drink to represent what they are going through. Sounds basic but what makes Bartender work is how well it executes its characters. Each of these characters are all so unique and something that you don't see in much of anime anymore. Too bad this show was made in 2006 and we will probably never see it get license, but if you are interested go check it out (it's only 11 episodes long).

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The Painting Cat
The Painting Cat

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PostSubject: Re: Lupin Recommendations    Lupin Recommendations  Icon_minitimeFri Apr 13, 2012 12:35 am

i remember when you showed the usagi drop it looked very good Smile the little girl was very cute
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Lupin Recommendations
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