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 Favorite Anime and Why?

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PostSubject: Favorite Anime and Why?   Favorite Anime and Why? Icon_minitimeSat Sep 07, 2013 3:52 pm

So yeah post your favorite anime (up to 3 since it is sometimes hard to choose) and the reason it is your favorite. Try to avoid spoilers or if you do reveal spoilers put it in a spoiler box please.

Do be aware that this is meant to be your opinion so don't worry about what you put down everyone is free to like whatever they want.  Feel free to put honorable mentions or suggestions for anime similar to them if you wish.

Before I mention this is really tough for me considering how many amazing series are out there and I had a very hard time picking these. I eventually just choose on my own overall enjoyment and ignored anything else outside of that. These shows I'm able to watch again and again without getting bored. The honorable mentions are all shows I also love and which may have some similarities to the shows mentioned or may not.

I'll begin with 2-3:

Favorite Anime and Why? 13088l
Baccano!: I absolutely love this anime and not because it anything astounding plot wise but just because of how damn fun it is. It takes places in the late 1920s/early 1930s (and as a history major is my favorite time period) and does a piece together story. When people say it is not the destination that matters but the journey I can't think of a better way to explain baccano. The first episode starts out with the ending (minus the 3 ovas which are fun in itself) and you can't help but wonder who the characters are and how they got into the situations that they did. THe thing that makes Baccano really unique however is that every character is a main character Everything from the music to the characters I just can't help but love and it is just fun to watch making it my favorite anime at this current time for pure fun.

Other examples include but not limited to: Black Lagoon, Code Geass, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Slayers, Tower of Druaga, Rune Soldier Louie, Licensed By Royalty, Index, Great Teacher Onizuka, and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

Favorite Anime and Why? 14415
Kino's Journey: There is something I love about this anime that I just can't explain. Maybe it is because of the fact it deals with such important and interesting issues and topics or perhaps it might be the character Kino that just really makes this anime for me. I suppose the best way to explain this show is to give a preview:

Honorable Mentions: Clannad, Gankutsuou, Fantastic Children, Kara no Kyoukai, Wolf Children Ami and Yuki, Ef Tale of Memories, Now and Then Here and There, Kanon 2006, and Phantom of Inferno: Requiem

Favorite Anime and Why? 41011
Steins;Gate: A relatively new (2011) anime that was absolutely great sub when it first came out but in my opinion became even better with the dub. In fact I might go to say that this is one of my favorite dubs to yet be released. The characters are entertaining, the plot is brilliant, and the setting is awesome. It is a science-fiction show done brilliantly with a well written script some new main voices, and a great dub. I also like the romance or so the romantic in me says and the blatant reference to H.G Wells Time Machine doesn't hurt either.

Honorable Mentions: Ghost in the Shell Stand Along Complex (Gits: SAC), Fate/Zero, Planetes, Gundam in general, Macross Frontier, Outlaw Star, Psycho Pass, and Perfect Blue just to name a few.
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lupin the 3rd
lupin the 3rd

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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Anime and Why?   Favorite Anime and Why? Icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2013 5:44 pm

Three is going to be fun! Smile

My number 3 anime is

Favorite Anime and Why? 6797

Fantastic Children:  Words can't describe how much I love this show, I have seen this show about 3 times in its entirely and it just gets better with each viewing.  This is one of those shows that starts off with a few stories, but they eventually intertwine with one another and it becomes a bigger story.  Great science fiction, fantasy and adventure, it's an absolute treat.  The problem Ive noticed is that not many people will give it a chance because of the weird animation style, I personally don't have a problem with it, because I feel it suits this show very well.  Please give it a shot, also word of advice: DO NOT WATCH THE ENGLISH DUB!  it's a terrible terrible dub made by Odex (Singapore dub) just stick with the Japanese dub, also it was originally owned by Bandai, if you can find the Anime Legends boxset or the six volumes then do, it's a real treat.


Favorite Anime and Why? 18793

Monster is a damn fine thriller of an anime, one of the most unique original shows I have ever seen.  A brief history about this show from me.  Back in 2005 I was completely out of the anime fandom because I burned myself out with nothing by ecchi shonen harem anime, so I got out of it for awhile, I was part of an anime forum (Anime Academy) and they were talking about this show.  I was intrigued based on the premise and I decided to check it out, luckily I found episodes and I was rather fascinated by episode 4, by episode 8  I was hooked, luckily the show was long (it's 74 episodes long but it all comes together and fits the show).  Also I am not a huge fan of long shows (this is probably the best exception of how well done it is).  The main issues is people might be turned off the length and the animation style, it's has a grittier style and it's not a flashy anime at all.  But from beginning to end it's one hell of a thrill ride.  Viz originally had the rights to this show but since this show BOMBED (they only released 1 boxset then cancelled because of low sales) and Viz does not have the rights anymore, such a shame because they dubbed all the episodes and it was on Netflix and Manga Ent. stream sites up until this year, if you can find episodes of this around, then please watch it.  Hopefully another company will pick it up and release all of it one day.  

Number 1::

Favorite Anime and Why? 26182

This is one of my favorite anime of all time, it's not only such a great classic but it's Hayao Miyazaki first full length film (he directed tv shows before this).  The comedy, action, and adventure is well done, the characters are a lot of fun, and the animation is pretty decent from 1979.  People always ask me "What's my favorite Miyazaki film?" and I always this film.  The reaction I get is "Huh Castle?  You mean Laputa?"..oh silly people.  The nice thing is you don't have to see the franchise to enjoy this film, it stands on its own.  Even if you're not a Lupin fan, this film is still enjoyable.  This film is a bit light hear-ted compared to the other Lupin films and tv specials.  When I was running club, we always showed this every year as a tradition, and I always get new people introduce to this film.  Hopefully the tradition will continue even long gone after I leave, but new anime fans who LOVE Miyazaki films will most likely need to see this film in order to understand where Miyazaki character designs and style of animation and storytelling comes from.  Truly a wonderful classic and one of my favorite anime of all time.

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Favorite Anime and Why?
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